Xenomorph Soldier is a boss in slender fortress

Xenomorph Soldier
Hunter Aliens Colonial Marines
Intro None
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Roaring, Shrieking and Growling
Origin Alien
Map(s) Any
Theme song Epic Battle Theme/Predator vs. Predalien
Partners Xenomorph Soldier duplicates, Xenomorph Crusher & Xenomorph Spitter
Stunnable? Yes

Description Edit

The Xenomorphs are a race of hostile extraterrestrials from the Alien franchise. While they prey upon humans like predators with their unmatchable speed, strength, and durability, their society is based off a caste system like a bee hive or ant's nest.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Xenomorph Soldier is in Boss Pack 3. This boss is paired with the Xenomorph Crusher and Xenomorph Spitter. It is a standard chaser who can kill a scout in 3 hits, it is fast and has an average presistancy. It can be stunned if it is becoming a burden.

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