White Face
White Face
Intro None
Type Statue
Signs of nearing Chuckles and creepy breathing sound
Origin Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare
Map(s) Any
Theme song None
Partners A White face duplicate
Stunnable? No

White Face is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The entity which follows and scares you in the game is called "White Face". It is like the name states, a skull-like white face, grinning at the beholder. The Face has no visible eyes; they seem to be just black holes.

In Slender Fortress Edit

White Face is a boss in boss pack 16 and he chuckles, and when he starts chasing he makes a creepy breathing sound. White Face gets faster the longer he chases and 2 of them usually attack at once, they are completely white and pretty simple to spot. If you get to close, he will pop out a image of White Face and a text that says "I see you".


  • In the early Slender Fortress, White Face acts like the Weeping Angel and SCP-173, until White Face have been reverted back to his Blinking & Eye Contact state in The Overhaul Update.
  • His death screen is similar to a screen that appears shortly after the "The End" screen in Imscared. Where white face is circling the player laughing while the player is in a cage surrounded by blood.

Gallery Edit

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