The following is a list of content that was either scrapped or went unused in Slender Fortress.

Scrapped BossesEdit

Older Version of Slender Man at 2012-2013Edit

Slender Man
Slenderman's original skin
Intro None
Type Teleporter
Proxy Master
Signs of nearing Static
Origin Slender
Map(s) Any
Theme song None
Partners None
Stunnable? No

This older version of Slender Man is presumably to be the very first boss made in SF2. Appearing in the early Slender Fortress 2 server back at 2012-2013. It was originally included in the fan-made, unofficial game-mode's initial release, before being updated to Classic Slender Man. This version of Slender uses the "Stop It, Slender!" playermodel on Garry's Mod.

From 2012-2013, the original Slender Man could spawn proxies at random points in the game. If this happens you will get a 5 second warning and will then be shot into the RED arena with a melee weapons as a Scout, Heavy or Spy (defaults as Scout unless the two other classes are chosen)

You may get critical hits (or stab the players), and blood will count (as such Boston Basher Scout is a powerful combo). You will also get killed quickly so strike well (Hibernating Bear Heavy can do the trick, however you won't get to use the steak to buff your melee). Spy is a discutable choice but you can easily one-hit a player on the brink of death

Note that a Control timer forces you to act and hit the players (otherwise you will be killed). You may give yourself extra time if you hit yourself with a self-damaging weapon, but otherwise find and hit RED players

A last but obvious tip : You'll spawn in waves and as such the RED Team will want to get rid of you quickly (especially since you are so weak). Locating the boss and luring a player near it can wind up extremely lucrative, especially for teleporting bosses like Slenderman

That pretty much covers it for the BLU team, have fun while it's not your turn in the wicked maze your enemies are wandering into

Note that proxies are not available on recent versions of the mod, so don't be surprised if you don't become one. It was then later re-implemented in The Fresh Update with improved mechanics.


Intro Challenger Approaching - Villager
Type Teleporter
Signs of nearing Sounds from the Super Smash Bros. series
Origin Animal Crossing
Map(s) Any
Theme song Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows
Partners Classic Villager duplicates
Stunnable? No

This boss is really a joke one. The Villager that was a boss originally made it as a joke for the New Lunar Republic Slender Fortress server. It is completely incapable of spinning and moving. His intro is the word, "CHALLENGER APPROACHING" shows up as the alarm sound begin to play. He teleports out of no where near the players. The only difference is, as aforementioned, he is completely still and will despawn very quickly after being neglected. Every time you get close to him, the words "Challenger Approaching" will show up on your screen and the song, "PFUDOR" played.

When Glubbable's server was created, Glubbable considered about the Villager adding it into their server if a model was made due to the fact that it could be easily implemented. Progress for the boss became very easy to beat and eventually t-posed due to overall lack of morale from fellow members of the community. Inevitably, this Villager is basically a joke boss to Glubbable's server, due to the Broth-themed related. The boss is thus removed, until it was readded back in Lunar Republic Gaming server with new and improved mechanics. The Villager boss still exist at GitHub.

You could read more about the Villager here.

TERA BossesEdit

All TERA bosses appeared on Slender Fortress when Glubbable decided to add more TERA bosses in their server for somewhat, the TERA Update.

All TERA bosses [Expect for Alpine Predator], Glubbable said they were removed for not fitting in the game mode, there might be other reasons but it is unknown.

At Sep 13-14, 2016, it is finally revealed that Glubbable posted a reason why of all TERA bosses were removed, this is because atleast one TERA boss was in each pack and a glitch/bug caused the TERA bosses to spawn most frequently out of every boss in the pack (including Slender Man and Kate), which caused Glubbable to remove all but one of the TERA bosses.


FNAF2 Old Animatronics and SpringtrapEdit

Withered Freddy
I6NIS Old Freddy
Intro Music box rendition from Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Type Unknown (presumably Chaser)
Signs of nearing Unknown
Origin Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Map(s) Return to Freddy's
Theme song None
Partners Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, Balloon Boy, The Puppet (presumed)
Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Withered Foxy, Withered Golden Freddy
Stunnable? No

Yes, this is a boss what we've been waiting for. But, the project was cancelled... The FNAF2 Old Animatronics was supposed boss to be on Slender Fortress FNAF 24/7 server. I6NIS posted on the journal that if he will be doing those, it's a lot of new stuff and his schedule at this time is already pretty full. Another thing is that right now the only source he have is the trailer and some teasers, so he have waited until the game was release, so he got some more reference and working on the new models. Progress for the project became very slow and eventually no inspiration of doing FNAF stuff due to overall lack of morale from fellow members of the community. Inevitably, all progress came to a halt and no attempts have been made to finish the model. The project is thus presumed cancelled.

Springtrap was originally planned to be added to Slender Fortress server, only to be made by I6NIS. But however, he quit doing that stuff, and eventually, leave Five Nights at Freddy's communities, forever.

Simply Time!Edit

Simply Time!
Simply Time!
Intro A roar but different from the raptor bosses
Type Controllable (Only by Simply Delicious)
Signs of nearing Voiced by Simply Delicious
Origin Slender Fortress
Map(s) Any
Theme song Some weird tune
Partners Spawned bosses
Stunnable? No

Simply Time! is the boss where Simply Delicious replaces the boss on Slender Fortress, and using a Raptor model, smites any RED team member on touch. He can also spawn bosses, freeze players and noclip.

But sadly, due to some events in the past. Simply is no longer allowed to do Simply Time! anymore.

It is unknown how Simply do it. Maybe you can ask Simply Delicious about it.


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Scrapped MechanicsEdit

Playing as a BossEdit

Glubbable (or Kit'O Rifty) originally plans to play as a boss like Slender Man when you're BLU team to control them, but was scrapped, because it would make the gamemode become a copy of Freak Fortress 2 with GMod Slender RP.

The Overhaul UpdateEdit

In the Overhaul Update, many things have changed...

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