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Environment Underground/Subway Station
Boss(es) Special Bosses
Goals Find 8 Cable wires
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Underground is map in Slender fortress

Description Edit

underground is it map in slender Fortress that take place in underground Subway stations, where scary screams and Animals echo in the Distance and Ghostly voice Play

Layout Edit

it giant Scary subway station that Is better Then clinic, you collect 8 cable and power up the Sewers ggate, you must then escapee to the Beautiful, Harmless, Victorious, Powerful, Mysterious, Legendary, Zealous, Shiny, Awesome, Insane, and Secretive Light at the top of the sewer gate, which it at at end of map btw after the escape.....

BLU Team Edit

Blue Team's waiting room is giant station Where a giant train is there, you can Jump on it Also, there's also a PvP Where you can Kill other people, of course, and oh yeah a Glubbable is hiding in a Box.