Unarmed Patient is a boss on slender fortress

Unarmed Patient
Patient8 face
Intro None
Type Nightmare Mob Chaser
Signs of nearing Breathing, cursing and dialog
Origin Outlast
Map(s) Any


Theme song Patient Theme
Partners Unarmed Patient duplicate, Cleaver Patient, Nightstick Patient, Machete Patient & Straitjacket Patient
Stunnable? Yes

Description Edit

The Variants were formerly Mount Massive Asylum patients, before being cruelly experimented on by the Murkoff Corporation. The are prisoners of the asylum who are willing to kill to get out, some of them are friendly towards Miles, but some are also extremely aggressive and are capabile of killing you, they act as the main enemy and NPC of the game, they all have different personalities different traits and some even resort to trying to kill them selves or other patients if they feel like it. He has tumours on his head and wears a ward uniform.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Unarmed Patient is in Boss Pack 11 and is paired up with the other Patients of outlast to create the first quintet boss. They share the same speed which is fast and same presistancy which is very presistant, however the damage dealt by each one is different. The Unarmed Patient does the least damage, killing a scout in 7 hits. He is stunnable.