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Tower of Babel
Environment Hellish
Boss(es) Doom pack
Goals Welcome to the Tower Of Babel!

Collect the Keycard


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The Tower is a Raid map in Slender Fortress

Description Edit

Tower is currently one of 3 maps to utilise the unique "Raid Mode" which allows players to use their weapons and fight back against the constantly self-reviving monsters.

Layout Edit

The map itself is a recreation of the Doom map of the same name, E2M8.

The layout itself is fairly simplistic, you start out in this room with multiple doors, each taking to a different section of the map, each exit also holds either a ton of health or ammo, one of the doors also leads to the Keycard. Once that's been collected, a timer starts, which then players can hold their ground, or run around the map which is shaped like a circle, which is stuffed with a bunch of pillars, to presumably act as cover from the boss.

Tactics Edit

There really aren't alot of strategies for this map, mainly because of it's incredibly simplistic layout, as mentioned before, the most prominent way to survive this map is to simply ignore all of the enemies (Group them all up if you can.) and just run around the map in circles until the exit opens.

The best bet of surviving however, is to go Heavy and Medic. As the Heavy's large health pool will allow him to tank the most of the damage, double that if you're equipped with the Fists of Steel. Medic's to simply keep everyone else alive. Solider & Demo aren't really viable options here, unless the solly has the Cow Mangler and he knows how to rocket jump. Demo for the same thing. Scout's, Pyro's and Spies are practically useless here. Engie & Sniper are currently blocked from the Raid mode.

If you're also really desperate, and you wanna hold out until the exit opens, or need to heal, don't follow everyone, just simply make a mad dash and remain behind some of the pillars scattered around the map, or hide in one of the center rooms exits if you need to, but only do this unless you're certain the boss isn't going to block you in there, as the doorway is much further than the pillars.