The Ward
The Ward
Environment Hospital/Asylum
Boss(es) Richard Trager & Survival Pack every 3 rounds
Goals In order to escape, find Trager's key. Easier said than done. Search the ward for Trager's key.
Good, you've got it, Now wait for the elevator!
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The Ward is a Slender Fortress map.


The Ward is a recreation of the Outlast level with the same name, solely featuring the boss Trager. The Ward takes place in a series of abandoned asylum wards, littered stretchers, x-rays, hospital curtains, and other hospital-related props like wheelchairs. The goal, like in the Outlast mission, is to find Trager's key to the elevator, before waiting four minutes for the elevator to arrive, all while being hunted down by the mad doctor.

This map, though small, is excellent for newcome SF2 players to practice stealth and evading methods against difficult bosses to improve their chances of survival and winning the match.

BLU TeamEdit

The BLU Team's respawn room is a large storage room loaded with crates, which is bordered with a series of catwalks right above a body of water, which is kept high by several waterfalls spewing out of the walls. With four NPCs that simply stand there (two being femme scouts and the other two being a demoman and soldier), the catwalks lead to the PVP area, which is a large arena with a single bridge and group of vents splitting down the middle.



  • As mentioned above, this map is based off the Outlast mission with the same name.