The Sisters of The Damned
The Sisters
Intro None
Type Look and run
Signs of nearing Whispering and a chime startle sound
Origin Original Character
Map(s) SCP-087-B

Classic 8 Pages

Classic No Exit

Theme song None
Partners A Sister duplicate
Stunnable? No

The Sisters of The Damned is a boss in Slender Fortress.


The Sisters of The Damned are original characters made exclusively for Slender Fortress 2. A sister instance has visibly a completely grey body (including it's hair and clothes) and short hair with a somewhat grizzled face.

In Slender FortressEdit

The Sisters are unique in that they do not move when you are looking at them, but you can also die from staring too long. In order to get rid of them when you are alone, stare at them for 3 seconds or until you get static starting up, then look away or hide. The Sisters occasionally will make an image and a loud sound play when they teleport around you.

They make whispering noises when nearby, and when they are walking you can hear a quiet fleshy sound, they also have jumpscares on teleport and death, and the startle sound sounds something like a chime.