The Overhaul Update is probally one of the biggest updates to come to slender fortress. This update will be comming in 2 parts. The first 1 will be released some time in August. Here are part 1's changes.

Changes Edit

Updated Claustrophobia to improve upon the difficulty problems with the map Updated The Abyss to re-add random doors and fix multiple exploit spots Updated Citadel to prevent early page grabbing & improve final boss battles difficulty Updated The Tower to fix ring around the rosey issue & prevent early page grabbing (You know where everyone runs around the map with the boss chasing tail so I'll turn it into a pitted boss arena with obviously balance changes to reflect that)

Added Citadel & Tower back to standard rotation when the maps are updated Implemented Random Boss support for Containment Breach

Moved SCP bosses to only be in the SCP Pack when CB is updated Moved ALL TF2 Bosses to the Halloween Pack (except Breadmonsters, Duck Nigga & GZS)

Fixed issue with Tesla's attack Balanced Proxy Survival Bosses Granted Houndeyes the ability to teleport to targets being chased Updated Anathema's Model Re-worked Psychos into the advanced animation system

Merged Buffy and Servant Starved into one boss & nerf them

Removed Face Spectre

Removed Alpine Predator

Removed Felfires

Removed Moarg

Moved Oogie Boogie into the Festive Pack

Moved KF1 Christmas bosses to the Festive Pack

Updated Boney & Boney of Hell into a boss like Shadow Miku

Updated Anita & White Faced Anita into a boss like Shadow Miku

Paired Maggot, Wraith & Sawyer up together and give them the Maggot intros

Changed Wraith into a Hit & Run

Changed Sawyer into a Don't Look & Run (Reverse Look & Run)

Updated Bullsquid into a Charger

Updated Emily into a Don't Look & Run (Reverse Look & Run)

Updated The Addiction into a Don't Look & Run (Reverse Look & Run)

Updated Phantom Woman into a Charger

Updated Gabel into a Charger and change chase & search theme

Enabled Deathclaw stun again

Nerfed Steve, Lickers, Black Dog, Scientist Mutant Boss & Heavy Bio Clone

Gave a ring of fire to Burning Zombie Hellhound

Added additional melee attacks to KF1 Patriarch

Merged Sha of Fear & Pride into one boss and reduce their size

Changed Simon into a Hit & Run

Added flashlight stun to Demon Violinist

Fixed Frost Atronach's attack and moved them to the Festive Pack

Paired up both Weeper & Remnant

Changed Wheelchair Monster into a Don't Look & Run (Reverse Look & Run)

Changed Kuszo into a Don't Look & Run (Reverse Look & Run)

Changed White Face into a Statue (Blinking & Eye Contact)

Added intros to Shock Trooper & Pitdrone

Removed glow from Raptors

Added an intro sound for Chneero in Proxy Survival

Added Bogeyman to the Silent Hill Pack