Terry Akers is a boss in slender fortress and was introduced in the boss update

Terry Akers
Terry Akers
Intro Thump and an Echoing yell
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Screaming, yelling and moaning
Origin SOMA
Map(s) Any
Theme song SOMA Soundtrack - Coral Puppet Attacks
Partners None
Stunnable? No

Description Edit

Terry Akers is a former PATHOS-II crewman and an antagonist in SOMA. By the time Simon Jarrett first meets him in the lower levels of Theta, Akers is heavily mutated, uncommunicative, and hostile, forcing Simon to evade him.

In SOMA, Akers is highly disfigured and eyeless. He is unusually humanoid for a WAU creation: he has arms, hand-like appendages, and a recognizable face with exposed eye sockets, though other features such as the nose and mouth have long since shrunken away.

Much of his body is encrusted in bulbous, cancerous growths (similar to a polycystic kidney); where his skin is visible at all, it is discolored and leathery. Growths resembling a third arm and third foot protrude from his abdomen, and a single large gash cleaves through the front of his head and torso, making Akers appear vertically bisected. His limbs are visibly deformed, and the scans found in the medical room reveal a twisted, misshapen skeletal structure.

Despite his emaciated appearance, Akers is monstrously athletic and powerful, able to smash through heavy doors and to easily outrun and overpower Simon.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Terry Akers is in Boss Pack 1, He is one of the most difficult bosses, with high speed and high persistent he is easily outruns a scout even, So avoiding getting chased by Terry is a big deal to him, Terry has a letdown, he cannot recognize you very fast, he will give you a few seconds to get away from his sight, and if you didn't, then Terry will give you a loud chase theme and will start chasing you and he is very hard to outrun doe of the high speed and persistent.