Environment Swamplands
Boss(es) Shrek
Goals Get 8 pages and escape to the swamp!

Find a way back and get out of here!

Ambience Generic Slender ambience from Slender: The Eight Pages
Escape Music None (though the 7th page ambience still plays until the round ends)

Swamp is a map in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Swamp appears as a series of large tunnels lacking a ceiling, revealing the dark afternoon sky. Each tunnel is sunken in a swamp-esque environment, and is inhabited by the murderous Shrek. The RED team must find eight pages scattered about Swamp whilst being hunted down by its "owner", and do an intense, timed dash back to the spawn once completing this task.

Layout Edit

The spawn is a large patch of dirt terrain and like most of the outdoors of this map where there is an unclimbable fence mounted behind the RED team. After getting all eight pages, the fence opens and they must dash to a red bus behind the former fence in order to escape. Landmarks on this map include several trees, boulders, actual swamps with pools of water, a lighted brick bunker partially flooded and housing a ballistic missile, a rotting wooden house with an inaccessible second floor, and a large pitch black cave. All of these listed places have a chance of housing a note.

BLU Team Edit

Blu team spawns in a mansion on top of a mountain-like location. upon exiting the spawn room, the player can proceed upstairs to an attic with a working stereo via a strike to the middle of it (don't try this at home kids). heading downstairs leads to a basement filled with barrels, boxes, etc. heading straight ahead leads through a library and to the PvP area.

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