Sun-On-A-Stick Man
Intro None
Type Ranged Teleporter
Signs of nearing None
Origin Sun-On-A-Stickman Scout Replacement on Gamebanana
Map(s) None
Theme song None
Partners Can only be spawned by those with the power to do so
Stunnable? No

The Sun on a Stick Man is a joke boss on Slender Fortress.


A monster forged from the fiery depths of crafting: crafted from one to many Sun-On-A-Sticks for an unknown recipe lost and forgotten to time and probably several dozen prophecies warning's and curse's. Resulting in this abomination only to be called as Sun-On-A-Stick Man.

Basically its just a fucking scout cosplaying as many sun on a sticks but yet for some fucking reason is able to shoot fireballs instead of being able to speak, yeah fuck this shit i'm leaving with the originality train, I don't wanna stop at bottom of the barrel station.

In Slender FortressEdit

Glubbable added this boss with the intention to spawn kill people in the waiting room and to also be able to use something to write up this example wiki.


  • This boss was sneaked in during the Summer Time Fun Update.
  • On Gamebanana there is a modded reskin for the scout with the same model used in Slender Fortress.

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