Intro None
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Wheezes, raspy breathing
Origin Amnesia: Justine
Map(s) Cellars
Theme song Suitor Attacks
Partners Servant Grunt (Cellars Only)
Stunnable? Yes

The Suitor is a boss in Slender Fortress.


The Suitor refers to a trio of lovers of the sociopathic 19th century maiden Justine Florbelle who were kidnapped and tortured into mentally twisted monsters by Justine and locked in the cells of her dungeon to roam.

In Slender FortressEdit

The Suitor is an average boss with incredible speed and standard persistence. However, due to the layout of Cellars, his exclusive map, it is hard to lose him and hide from him once he spots you. However, as long as you stay hidden, he is a fairly easy boss. This is further enforced because he takes several hits before killing you and he can be temporarily stunned by meleeing him.

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