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Suicide Blitz Tank
Football Tank
Intro None
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing grunting and yelling
Origin Left 4 Dead 2: Suicide Blitz 2
Map(s) Any
Theme song  ???
Partners A Suicide Blitz Tank Duplicate
Stunnable? Yes

Suicide Blitz Tank, also known as Football Tank, is a boss in Slender Fortress and was introduced in the summer time update

Description Edit

the green flu that has infected all the civillians has also turned some into special monsters like for example the tank is a hulk like beast that can hit you pretty far away and can also through cars, pieces of road, ect at his enemy's, the suicide blitz tank seems to be a reskin of the tank where he looks like a ruby player with a tank look

In Slender Fortress Edit

Suicide Blitz Tank is in the boss pack 6.

He isn't pretty different from Tank, however he is more persistant, can insta kill all classes and can be stunned. (for 2.8 seconds.)


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