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Stranger is a boss on slender fortress and was introduced in the Old School update

Intro None
Type Teleporter
Signs of nearing Fast and Heavy breathing, Aggressive writing and Static noises
Origin Cry of Fear
Map(s) Any

Cry of Fear

Theme song None
Partners Suicider & Sewmo
Stunnable? Killable (Flashlight)

Description Edit

Stranger is an odd enemy in the Cry of Fear series, they are only in secluded parts of the campaign and Simon should only really encounter them if he wanders into places that could be avoided, when you look at it, the Stranger will start draining simons life and aggressive writing or fast heavy breathing plays when it's nearby, when you kill it, it starts to make this moan and then flash until it disappears. The Stranger has an open book for a head long fingers, is in a black coat and as well as a blue sweater underneath the black coat.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Stranger is in Boss Pack 14. this boss seems to be a fresh new teleporter, unlike the other bosses excluding The horror, Demon Violinist, SCP-1449-1 and Avogadro, this boss can move short distances with animations instead of them sliding towards you like slippery statues, this boss also seems to be the teleporter part of the Cry of Fear team. He is an Insta kill on touch combined with the static and has low presistancy. As of a recent update the stranger got a flashlight stun and now dissapear on stun.