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Intro None
Type Survival Chaser
Signs of nearing Groaning, moaning and yelling
Origin Grey
Map(s) Any



Theme song Run For It
Partners Zombie Floaters
Stunnable? No

Steve (or Patient) is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Sescription Edit

Steve was the father of a boy named Grey and the protagonist of the games Mistake and Mistake -1. Steve had 2 daughters Anita and Claire, His wife Jen was giving birth to her last child and only son then shortly after was diagnosed with spinal cancer, she decides to name him grey because of both her fate and the baby's, Steve then all of a sudden disappears, this is most likely due to the events of Mistake and Mistake -1. After 10 years Jen died and Grey was put into an orphanage, he grows up knowing the world will be hard for him because of what he sees around him.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Steve is a psychotic monster from boss pack 9, he is a Chaser but like Scrake and Chris Walker he is inescapable and is an Insta kill on touch he is partnered up with the Zombie Floaters. His arms are restrained in a straitjacket and his face and around his forehead have been slit, he appears to have gouged out eye sockets and appears to be bald. He also isn't stunnable, it is also recommended to avoid him as much as possible.


  • Steve is reffered as patient in the game, Grey.
    • The Last boss of Mistake -1 is Anita and her twisted form, White Faced Anita. In Mistake -1 she claimed to have died on the operating table at the hospital. Her father "Steve" (who was also the protagonist of Mistake -1) was in charge of the procedure. This could emply that Steve and Anita are related. Steve also had a son known as Grey who happens to be the protagonist of Grey. Steve is one the boss monsters in the normal mode of Grey.