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Run. Why? Don't ask questions. And don't look back. For Christ's sake, please don't look back. Look forward-- to new content! Welcome to Slender Fortress, a plugin created for the New Lunar Republic on February 8, 2013 and then publicly released for all servers on October 21st, 2013. It was created by Kit o' Rifty.

Slender Fortress is based on Mark J. Hadley's "Slender: The Eight Pages", a freeware game.

How To Play:

Red Team:
Your main objective is to collect a predefined number of pages. It's not that simple though! You need to avoid whatever creature(s) happen(s) to be following you. Once all pages are collected, if the map allows, your team will need to escape the to win. Winners get to beat the the blue team to death. Fun.

Blue Team:
You are seated in a waiting area and told to wait your turn. When the next round starts, the plugin chooses the next set of players. These players are picked depending on how many queue points they have.

You aren't completely left out, though! To watch players as a ghost, use the /slghost command! You can ghost other users by using a voice command.

Original Servers:

The United States:

Glubbable's Slender Fortress #1 (Standard) -

Glubbable's Slender Fortress #2 (FNAF 24/7) -

Glubbable's Slender Fortress #3 (Random Bosses) -

Glubbable's Slender Fortress #4 (Core Bosses Only) -


Glubbable's Slender Fortress #1 (Standard) -

Glubbable's Slender Fortress #2 (Standard) -

For other SF2 servers, check this list from gametracker.[]

There are various community servers running Slender Fortress. Keep in mind that not all of them will keep up to date with the development and could possibly be out of date, for the best experience, we recommend visiting the official servers which will give you the full experience!

Note: If you have been banned or silenced, do not post about it here. This group is solely for the purpose of update notifications and discussion of the gamemode, NOT for ban protests. Moderation disputes should be directed to the server they originated in. Any ban protests/appeals or of the such posted here will be ignored and promptly deleted.

* If you are experiencing harassment from any players on the Slender servers. Please contact or submit a ban to the server's owners.

Those that wish to host their own SF2 server or hope to contribute should visit the following URL:
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