Silent Hill
Environment Foggy Desolate Town
Boss(es) Silent Hill Pack
Goals Collect 9 Satanic Glyphs Scattered Around The Town


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Description Edit

Set within the town of the same name and video game franchise, instead of being in the shoes of various characters from the games, it's the usual standard TF2 merc's wandering around the town, looking for strange satanic glyphs to escape the nightmarish town, all while avoiding horrific monsters that infest the settlement.

Layout Edit

The map starts out at the entrance to the town, sporting an extremely long intro sequence which'll make swarm blush. Once the intro fades out, players will be given a choice of 4 pathways: The left road, the center road, the right road, or a small alleyway to the right path. There are also various other landmarks on the map, like a hospital, various buildings you can enter, roads that lead to nowhere and plenty of derelict cars all over the road, which can be used as cover.

Once all the Glyph's have been collected, the screen will fade to black. and teleport everyone to the otherworld, where they must escape via narrow, rusty and bloody corridors, but some of the doorways are blocked off, forcing everything to either backtrack, or take a quick detour, all while being assaulted by the monsters from the main playing area. If everyone managed to navigate the nightmare, they'll be presented with one final stretch to the finish. And it's a extremely dark room that not even the flashlight brightens up very well.

BLU Team Edit

The main waiting area of this map is set within the Silent Hill Town Center, featuring a defunct escalator, some shops you can wander into, two small offices, one of them which houses a radio when walked up to, will start playing Letters From the Lost Days.

The entire lower portion of the mall aside from the spawn is the PVP arena. There is no parkour section as the map is far too big for it. (The dev's have stated that this map has hit the in-game asset limit, and they cannot add anymore area's to the map.)

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