Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Heavy stomping
Quotes from the movie
Origin Shrek
Map(s) Swamp
Theme song Smash Mouth - All Star
Partners A Shrek duplicate
Stunnable? No

Shrek is a boss in Slender Fortress.


Shrek is a friendly Ogre and main titular protagonist of the Shrek franchise. However, a popular meme has spread across the internet of Shrek being an awkward and violent rapist, as associated with his creepy Ogre appearance, and is usually paired with the Smash Mouth Song All Star for its sheer absurdity.

In Slender FortressEdit

Shrek is a chaser with a single duplicate, and tends to spawn around corners or behind boulders where he can be easily noted by him repeating "Where is everybody?". He and his duplicate usually spawn near each other so it's likely they'll sandwich a player in their idle state. Just wait, and if you have to move, crouch walk as your steps are completely suppressed, and they'll eventually despawn. Shrek is rendered a somewhat easy-medium boss since he'll very rarely just spawn right beside the player and commence a chase like most chasers. Instead, he spawns just so they're out of his sight but they can easily wander into his sight without noticing. However he is still made a very difficult boss, because when he inevitably spots you, he'll chase you with incredibly fast speeds relentlessly (each step notified by a loud stomp heard across the map), with an unmatchable persistence, and a one-hit-kill notified by him saying "Donkey!" and a crash heard through the entire server. Staring at him for too long can drain your sanity and kill you.

Tactics against this boss is to stay alert and keep both ears and eyes opened, since he does not glow in the dark like other bosses. Stay out of open areas and check before you go indoors such as inside the bunker or the cave. If Shrek gives chased, run around corners and obstacles to slow him down (running in a straight line will not help you outrun him before running out of stamina). Also, do not stay together in large groups, especially on insane and special rounds, otherwise the entire server would be flooded with "DONKEY!" *CRASH*(s).

Danger level is high to very high: fast speed, no glow, give off, instant kill by touch (no attack delay), has a clone, static give-off (if stared at for too long), and is a VERY PERSISTENT chaser (will still chase even if out of sight). The weakness is he cannot move when idle.

Quotes Edit

Idle: Edit

  • "Where is everybody?"

Alert: Edit

  • "Gaoooch!"

Chase: Edit

  • "OK!"
  • "Not Good!"
  • "Alright, Get out of here!"

Killing a player Edit

  • "Donkey!" *CRASH*

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Shrek's eyes can be sticking out while in a idle state, possibly due to a bug.
  • Shrek was previously stunnable, however, in a recent update, Shrek was given a heavy buff, thus removing the stun.
  • A rare glitch is where Shrek is chasing a player and stops suddenly, however his chase animation and theme is still present even if the player is out of sight.