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Shock Trooper
OPFOR Shock Trooper
Intro An Erie tune with cybonetic buzzing
Type Ranged Chaser
Signs of nearing Cybonetic breathing, Electric gun fire and buzzing
Origin Half Life: Opposing Forces/Operation: Black Mesa
Map(s) Any
Theme song Half Life: Opposing Force- Bust
Partners Pitdrone
Stunnable? Yes

 The Shock Trooper is a boss in Slender Fortress that was originally implemented during the Summer Time Update.

Description Edit

"The Shock Trooper is the most intelligent and dangerous of the Race X Aliens. Physically, they are bipedal with four arms and have a posture that makes them vaguely resemble Vortigaunts, but with many key differences. Their bodies are covered in plate-like sections, similar in appearance to insect exoskeletons. Their skin is pale blue, and is not mottled or patchy like the skin of Xen creatures."

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Shock Trooper is in the Boss pack 8. This boss is a ranged attacker, it will attack using electric beams that come out from the shockroach, it can be stunned. (2 seconds duration). As of the Overhaul Update Part 2 it has been paired with the Pitdrone and has become a tag team boss. As of the Festive Update when it suscessfully attacks the player it will slow them down via shock.

Trivia Edit

  • While barely noticeable it randomly blinks.
  • His attack are actually particles rather than a projectile.
  • His model was used from Operation: Black Mesa.