Shadow Miku
Shadow Miku
Intro None
Type Charger/Oil Spill
Signs of nearing Reversed Japanese voices
Origin Vocaloid
Map(s) Any
Theme song 【Hatsune Miku】 Triple Baka 「驫麤~とりぷるばか~」 (Creepy Version)
Partners Fake Shadow Miku
Stunnable? No

Shadow Miku is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit


Shadow Miku is a completely black Miku with red facial features. Except for her being coal black with red facial features, shoulder pads and elf shoes, she have long pigtails just like Miku. She seems to be wearing a skirt like Miku. Another difference is that Shadow Miku is cartoonish, not in anyway close to anime art style. Her personality is chosen all to the fans.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Shadow Miku is a boss in boss pack 2 and there is only 1 Shadow Miku out of all the others is the real one, and you want to avoid the real one, since they all sound similar it can be difficult to tell if a threat is nearby or if it's a fake. The real Shadow Miku can be identified by the White dots it has. The real Shadow Miku can charge extremely fast and is impossible to escape. It isn't stunnable. As of Update 1.6.3 she now leaves a trail of corrosive oil behind her after spawning and despawning, this lingers around for a certain amount of time and can slow down and damage the player when they stand in it. If the player stands in it too long they will be stunned.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Shadow Mikus would be bigger, but upscaling their models causes client crashes.
  • There is a bug where fake Shadow Miku will "chase you" and kill you with the static, it will run incredibly fast and stay right beside you no matter where you go and you will die of static. This is caused by lingering around one too long.