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Sewer Layout
Environment Sewer system
Boss(es) Random bosses

Slender Man & Kate (Older Versions)

Goals Get to the upper level!
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Sewer is a map in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Sewers is a labyrinth type map. It has many paths to take, and sometimes, players will come across small rooms. The pages can be found in these small rooms. It is very enclosed, and has almost no open areas. The map has a green tint, and infinite flashlight is enabled.

Layout Edit

Everyone spawns at the entrance, and can split into three paths. The middle, left, and right. The paths lead to different areas, than can connect if a player goes a certain way. Once the pages are collected, the players must get back to the spawn.

Tactics Edit

The only tactic is to check around corners before turning, as bosses love to spawn around them.

BLU Team Edit

The waiting room is a large wooden room, that leads to a pvp arena. In the pvp arena, there are tables on all corners with small health packs on top of them. There are three platforms in the middle, each one is bigger than the other.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

Sewers is one of the older maps in Slender Fortress, so some of the new bosses can be very difficult on this map.