Sector Six
Sector Six
Environment Facility
Boss(es) Hell Knight & Archvile
Goals Recover the documents
Ambience {{{ambience}}}
Escape Music {{{escape music}}}

Sector Six is a map in Slender Fortress.


Taking place in a lightless government facility, the RED team is tasked with finding 8 documents scattered about while being hunted down by two Hell Knights.

BLU TeamEdit

The BLU Team's respawn room is what appears as a break room that leads to a facility similar to that of the RED team side's, but vastly illuminated. The facility and respawn room are connected via a bridge with waterfalls surrounding it. The facility complex leads to two main areas, including:

PVP ArenaEdit

As always, there is a PVP arena where BLU can battle each other in a storage chamber, with forts of crates pushed up against every corner.

Parkour ArenaEdit

The parkour arena consists of a large room with a series of pipes that the BLUs can parkour over to another storage room looming over the entire facility. The storage room leads to another parkour room, and after successfully traversing that, leads to the peak of the facility; a large pool lodge.

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