Scarecrow from Batman: Arkham Asylum is a boss in Slender Fortress.


Intro Multiple Intros, some consist of him saying about the Player's broken brain fragments, or just laughing maniacally
Type Hit and Run Chaser
Signs of nearing Laughing and Talking
Origin Batman: Arkham Asylum
Map(s) Any
Theme song Batman: Arkham Asylum: Scarecrow
Partners A scarecrow duplicate
Stunnable? Yes

Jonathan Crane was once a brilliant psychologist and doctor working on a chemical that ellicted fear within the enhaler, and eventually went insane and weaponized it to terrorize Gotham City as the Scarecrow, an infamous supervillain and one of Batman's most dangerous enemies.

In Slender FortressEdit

Scarecrow is a Hit and Run boss in boss pack 7, but quite special, rather than chasing for a few seconds, He spawns behind the player, and chases them, like a Regular Chaser. However, he isn't 100% a chaser, as he can Teleport away after a few seconds rather than chasing for awhile. Also, don't stare at him, his static is like the Killer Croc's. He also has a static radius, which is dangerous too. You can stun him, and it can be useful just so you can probably make him delay just so he can Teleport away. But the stun lasts for a second. So stunning can almost be quite useless.

Quotes Edit

Idles: Edit

  • "I know you're there!"
  • "(The intro, which is Laughing Maniacally)"
  • "There's no escape!"

Alerts: Edit

  • "Dare to step into my gaze!"
  • "There you are!"
  • "Ohhhh... There you are!"

Chasing: Edit

  • "How could you know?"
  • "Stay still! this wont hurt!"
  • "(Maniacally Laughs) You cannot escape my gaze... you will die HERE!"
  • "(Maniacally laughs) I will break you!"

When hitting a victim: Edit

  • "(Crazy laughs)"
  • "(Maniacally laughs) Welcome to my Gaze!"
  • "Is your mind playing tricks on you? Or am i?"
  • "Look around you! these are the Broken frightness of your mind!"
  • "Your mind will shatter like glass"
  • "Is the world falling apart? or just your mind? are you scared? Embrace It!

Stunned: Edit

  • ".....HAAHUU!"
  • ".....HHHAAARRREHH..."
  • "......OUUUGGHHHH!"
  • ".....OUUUUUUUHH......"

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