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Intro None
Type Reverse Look & Run
Signs of nearing Suffocated breathing and yelling
Origin Doom 3
Map(s) Sector Six
Theme song Doom 3 - Vagary Fight
Partners Maggot & Wraith
Stunnable? No

Sawyer is a boss in slender fortress and was introduced in the summer time update

Description Edit

Sawyer is a zombie variation in doom 3 it is usually seen carrying a chainsaw that does 20 damage per hit . Sawyer is one of the harder zombie types to beat just because of his chainsaw which can become a threat if your in a dark place and don't know where he is, he seems to have old grainy hair pupil less eyes a zombified look because he is a zombie varrient, he also has a shirtless chest and some black pants with orange iron caps that are mounted on to his calfs and knee caps

In Slender Fortress Edit

Sawyer is in the Doom 3 pack and is a chaser boss who has yet another chainsaw, he is really presistant almost a barney clone except for his animation which can be dodged, you can't stun him if you need to get away just hope for the best and run.

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