Intro Chainsaw reving and insane yells
Type Blind Charger
Signs of nearing Chainsaw revving and insane yells
Origin Cry of Fear
Map(s) Gutters

Classic No Exit

Theme song Sawrunner Theme
Partners Sawcrazy (Gutters Only)
Stunnable? Yes (Flashlight)

The Sawrunner is a boss that appears in Slender Fortress.


Nothing is known about the Sawrunner other than that he's a darkness that lurks within Cry of Fear's Simon's mind, taking the form of a Leatherface-esque madman who dons a chainsaw in his hands and three smiling theatre masks around his head.

In Slender FortressEdit

The Sawrunner exclusively appears in Gutters unless an admin spawns it to be otherwise, he is a "madman" chasing you with a chainsaw, prepare to have what have you never saw, this buddy can overall kills your sprint to earn his "heads" [Deaths] However he seems to be easy to avoid since he doesnt wanders, but his buddy Sawcrazy has the job to wander and helps sawrunner to get them and wipes the group, this is a first sign that you must split up no matter or how hard is the boss, if the brothers helped each other to get a group of players, this isnt much to say but only to see a group of names in top right corner with a Sawblade icon besides them, also try atleast to not make Sawrunner chases you, he isnt that easy to outrun he will often kill your sprint and will kill you, begin sneaky to him is a great idea but Sawcrazy has the job to break it. As of a recent Update Sawrunner is now stunnable via Flashlight.


  • The Sawrunner is specifically infamous among the Slender Fortress community for his one-hit kills and literally inescapable speeds.
  • He is one of the few bosses to have a kill-icon, which is simply an environmental saw. Trager also utilizes this trait.

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