Intro None
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Chainsaw revving and creepy sounds
Origin Cry of Fear
Map(s) Gutters
Theme song Looping chainsaw sounds
Partners Sawrunner (Gutters Only)
Stunnable? No

The Sawcrazy is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The creature is extremely fast and very durable with an above average amount of health. If it manages to catch the player, it can kill them in one hit. Bear in mind that while this makes it a priority to avoid, it can be utilized to kill other monsters in Suicide Mode due to its keen lack of discretion towards what it kills with it's chainsaws.

The monster previously made a single appearance in the official single player campaign following the 1.3 patch, appearing on the narrow pathway between the TL Trading building and the door towards the apartments where Sophie is encountered. However, it was removed following the 1.35 patch and taken out of the single player campaign entirely. As such, it only appears in the Co-op campaign.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Sawcrazy seems to be an exact clone of Sawrunner in the way he acts, except he has no attack delay, he does not use his swing animation and rather just runs over the player without stopping. Sawcrazy has a whacky running animation as he spins and twirls around 2 chainsaws when chasing and he moves when idle. Sawcrazy instantly kills all classes and appears to be slightly slower than Sawrunner.His chase theme is hard to hear making it hard to see if he's chasing you.