Intro None
Type Hidden Chaser
Signs of nearing Buzzing sounds
Origin Team Fortress 2
Map(s) Random
Theme song None
Partners Randomized boss(es)
Stunnable? No

The Sawblade is the hidden placeholder boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The Saw blades are an environmental hazard in Team Fortress 2. Sawmill remains the only map to feature them, however, the saw blades have appeared in some custom maps. Saw blades typically run in set grooves along either side of a capture point, usually in the center of a map. They move slowly enough that players can move out of harm's way, but are fast enough to catch sluggish or distracted players unaware, especially when they battle around the control point.

If a player is hit or touched by a saw blade, they will automatically be killed. Death occurs regardless of whether the player is ÜberCharged, using the Dead Ringer, or subject to any other protective buff. If a player is damaged and subsequently hit by a saw blade, they will receive one death point and the player(s) who damaged him will receive a "finished off" kill.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Sawblade is a placeholder boss only available on the US 1 Texas Server it serves to help the first boss of each boss pack actually spawn. The placeholder boss is not intended to spawn and if it does somehow, it's "barely aggressive and will spawn far away from players" as quoted by Glub.

The Sawblade was introduced on July 31/2015 via this changelog:

Trivia Edit

  • The Sawblade is the first hidden placeholder to be added on Glubbable's server ever made, while this placeholder boss become an actual boss on every servers.

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