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SCP-178-1 also known as The 3D Projection Infection is a boss on slender fortress

Intro None
Type Hit and Run
Signs of nearing Watery squishing sounds
Origin SCP: Containment Breach
Map(s) Containment Breach
Theme song SCP-178-1 Theme
Partners SCP-173
Stunnable? Yes (by Flashlight)

Description Edit

SCP-178-1 is a projection that appears when your wearing SCP-178, they are projections that if coming in contact with them will attack and possibly chase the player, they can be stopped by taking off SCP-178, how ever they might attack shortly after you take it off before they actually haut and stand still. SCP-178-1 looks like a goopy, brown humanoid with many eyes near the top of its head and it tends to be bulky, it has no hands what so ever just stubs and what seems to be boots near the feet area of the monster.

In Slender Fortress Edit

SCP-178-1 is in the SCP pack. SCP-178-1 seems to be a Hit and Run chaser with a flashlight stun, which we needed and haven't had in a while, it also Insta kills and a fast attack animation. You can stun it by shining your flashlight directly at it in case it gets annoying.