Intro None
Type Statue
Signs of nearing Scare chord, the sound of rock scrapping up against the ground
Origin SCP: Containment Breach
Map(s) Containment Breach
Monophobia (Removed)
Theme song None
Partners SCP-173 duplicate
Mobile Task Force (MTF) (seperate)
SCP-049 (seperate)
SCP-860-2 (seperate)
SCP-1499-1 (seperate)
SCP-178-1 (seperate)
SCP-106 (seperate)
SCP-966 (seperate)
Stunnable? No

SCP-173 or "The Sculpture" is a boss that appears in Slender Fortress.


Originating from the SCP Foundation mythos (a series of Creepypastas that follow a fictional Area 51-like organization that contains and researches paranormal entities called SCPs), SCP-173, nicknamed The Sculpture, is a human sized statue that will snap any living being's neck with unmatchable strength. Its one weakness is that it cannot move when being looked upon, but it is so fast that it can literally dash several meters in the blink of an eye.

In Slender FortressEdit

When SCP-173 spawns somewhere, he will not move until everyone looking at him has their blink meter drained, or looks away. after that point, it'll dash towards the nearest player to it and if it's close enough, will snap the player's neck instantly, resulting in a one hit kill. SCP-173 is fairly easy to avoid with 3 or more players in a group, as one or more people have to look at him to keep him at bay while another player might grab a page, any more than 3 people staring at it at once might be considered excessive but it will most certainly keep him from moving. However, SCP-173 can be very hard to survive once alone as he sometimes teleports out of completely nowhere and kills loners instantly, but this can also apply to multiple people who are careless/off guard as it can ambush a group from behind and kill many of them. It is identical to the Weeping Angel. As of Update 1.6.3 it now displays a message in chat after SCP-173 kills a player.