SCP-1499-1 also known as The Gas Mask Monster is a boss on slender fortress

Intro A grinding sound
Type Static Chaser
Signs of nearing Grinding and cutting noises
Origin SCP: Containment Breach
Map(s) Containment Breach
Theme song SCP-1499-1 Theme
Partners SCP-1499-1 duplicate & SCP-173
Stunnable? No

Description Edit

SCP-1499-1 is a entity that originates from SCP-1499 which is a soviet gas mask that when worn transports you to a black city, in the gas mask dimension there are many SCP-1499-1 in there and at first they seem peaceful until you've been there for over 30 seconds in which they try to hunt you down, they look like a humanoid that has a black tar like substance covering them, also they have blue spots that seem to be a type of parasite (or Possibly eyes), they also happen to be naked, have a warped Left arm and lack any facial features. It also does little damage if only one is attacking the player.

One can also be summoned by putting SCP-1499 into the Refinery.

In Slender Fortress Edit

SCP-1499-1 is in the SCP pack, the mechanics of the SCP bosses like all the other ones have been altered, instead of doing little damage it Insta kills on touch. Since he Insta kills on touch that means he is not stunable.