2016-01-20 00001
Environment Descending Brick stair flight
Boss(es) The Sisters & A random boss every 3 rounds
Goals You are now outside SCP-087-B! Please proceed with caution! Pick up the camera to begin. Proceed with caution into SCP-087.
Ambience SCP-087-B ambience, which is based from the first few seconds of Gathering Darkness by Kevin Macleod
Escape Music SCP-087-B Ambience

SCP-087-B is a map in Slender Fortress.


Somehow, the RED team has been employed into the SCP Foundation where they are tasked with filming their exploration of SCP-087, an endless flight of haunted stairs. After picking up the camera by meleeing it, as instructed by a doctor via a radio, the team must travel through 15 flights of stairs plagued with The Sisters. Several traps are littered through the area, including a fatal dead-end and a few events involving monsters from the actual SCP-087-B game. Some paths include a two-way paths that can lead you to death and a path that connects to the escape route.

BLU TeamEdit

The BLU team is the hallways of a Foundation site, and the PVP arena is a storage chamber.



  • The map is based off the infamous horror game SCP-087-B