Richard Trager
Intro I see what's happening here. You're bored. You want a little attention. Perfectly understandable. Well I'm here for you. I'll give you very special attention.
Type Survival Chaser
Signs of nearing Saying his many quotes from Outlast, his metal shears clanging together
Origin Outlast
Map(s) The Ward
Theme song Surgeon Attack
Partners None
Stunnable? No

Doctor Richard Trager is a boss faced in Slender Fortress.


Trager was an executive at the Murkoff Corporation where he became an dedicated scientist in biology. After being infected by Murkoff's Morphogenic Engine, Trager's already sadistic mind and body became wickedly deformed, along with the patients of Mount Massive Asylum, who escaped and caused a major slaughter among the hospital. Outlast's main protagonist Miles Upshur then arrives to the asylum to investigate these shady events, where he finds that Trager has captured a majority of the asylum's patients and brutally tortured them to near death in hopes of getting educated in biology and selling their body parts.

In Slender FortressEdit

Trager is very fast, a one-hit-killer, and is not impossible, but difficult to hide from once you're in his sight. The only way to shake him off is if someone else distracts him or by going around through enough compact indoor rooms to confuse him. It is best to just be immensely careful and make sure you camp, sneak, and hide enough so Trager doesn't even see or hear you in the first place. Trager is considered one of the hardest bosses due to his sheer persistence. Like the other Outlast bosses, Trager actively searches for players to hunt.

Signs of nearing are the sounds of him sharpening his bone shears and talking. On higher difficulties he can give off (limited) static and there is a chance of a duplicate, although it is most likely a bug of his quotes overlapping.

His danger level is to be considered very high, due to outrunning all classes, one-hit kills and not can not be stunned. The only "weakness" he has is shouting his dialogue constantly which can indicate his presence.

Quotes Edit

Idle: Edit

  • "Alright.... Alright, you can figure this out. Let's... solve some problems."
  • "All these bureaucrats with their corporate luncheons and golden parachutes. Where are the survivors? Where are the sharks?"
  • "I should have cut his feet first, amateur move."
  • "I can't help somebody who doesn't want to be helped. You're fired."

Alert: Edit

  • "Hold up there buddy! I'll be right with you."
  • "Aren't you a slippery little fucker..."
  • "Let's teach you the seven habits of highly eviscerated people."
  • "Hey nobody likes a quitter."

Chase Edit

  • "BUDDY!"
  • "FUCK! FUCK! Really?! You're gonna walk on me?! "
  • "If there is one thing I cannot god damned stand, it's a quitter!"
  • "I need you to be working with me here buddy!"
  • "Let me sell you the dream!"


  • Dr Trager's kill icon is unique, it has been set to an environmental saw, despite not carrying any kind of saws.