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Revenant is a boss in slender fortress.

Intro An Echoing Demonic laugh
Type Ranged chaser
Signs of nearing Growling and grunting
Origin Doom 3
Map(s) Sector Six
Theme song Revenant Theme
Partners Revenant Duplicates
Stunnable? Yes

Description Edit

The Revenant in Doom 3 is a tall skeleton-like demon armed with a pair of shoulder-mounted missile launchers that fire relatively slow-moving homing missiles, similar to the original Revenant. Revenants first appear in Recycling Sector 1. They are some of the game's more elite demon enemies, possessing good weapons and about twice as much health as an Imp or Wraith. Revenants are typically encountered individually or, more uncommonly, in pairs, although they sometimes are accompanied by other demon enemies such as Imps or Z-Secsoldiers. Although not as common as more average demons such as the Imp, several Revenants can still appear within a single level. They are especially common in the Resurrection of Evil levels.

There are several differences between the Doom 3 Revenant and the original version. Firstly, their body below the collarbone is covered in a layer of almost transparent skin. This skin was originally a textural test in which id Software was trying to recreate an accurate skeleton by measuring it to the "flesh line". However, when they saw the creature in action with this test texture, they thought it looked interesting, and never removed it from the model. Secondly, it has glowing green eyes, unlike its older counterpart, and has no gore attached to its legs. Thirdly, it has thicker, more advanced chest armor, which resembles the marine's chest armor, but is colored red and has more tubes and wires along with the shoulder-mounted launchers.

The Revenant makes its debut cutscene where it emerges from a dark corner of the area and fires a missile which destroys a huge steel column that sustains part of the ceiling, causing the column to fall and obstruct the marine's path, forcing him to face the creature in search of another escape route.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Revenant is in the Doom 3 pack. They are another Skeleton Boss that Shoots Fireballs,it is slow but just presistant enough to catch up to you when chasing you. This boss probably shoots the most fireballs the fastest, making this a dangerous boss to go up against, it also has a melee attack which does low damage so fireballs are it more feared trait. It is stunable.

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