50 16429082
Intro Destroying and roaring
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Growling
Origin Sin Episodes Emerge
Map(s) Any
Theme song
Partners Quadralex duplicates
Stunnable? Yes

Quadralex is a boss in Slender Fortress

Description Edit

Quadralex is a large enemy encountered in SIN episodes, he will charge towards people and punch them instantly

In Slender Fortress Edit

Quadralex is a large boss in boss pack 1, He is semi-persistent and he is abit of fast, he is usually uses his right hand to kill his enemies [Right hand is the one that looks like a buffed one] and instantly kills almost all classes [expect for the heavy, the one without the Gloves, survives his hit for 1 extra more] he is 1-hit stunnable [expect for Scout and spy] but recommend to not, as if you did that, he will often Punch spam outta you, making it no fair to escape until you keep stunning him, the best way to outrun this is to run, stun is not a good idea.

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