Pyramid Head
Red Pyramid
Intro Siren alarm sounds
Type Blind Look and Run Charger
Signs of nearing Large blade sliding while walking
Origin Silent Hill 2
Map(s) Silent Hill


Theme song Pyramid Head Theme
Partners A Pyramid Head duplicate
Stunnable? No

Pyramid Head is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Pyramid Head is easily one of the most iconic and legendary horror icons in gaming history, originating from Silent Hill 2 as a mysterious recurring monster where he cemented himself as an infamous and unforgettable antagonist.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Pyramind Head is a Look And Run Boss in boss pack 16. The only sound Pyramid head makes is his footsteps which sound fleshy. and his pre-chase music is sort of a light pounding sound. Keep an ear out for Pyramid Head's pre-chase/alert music and listen for the dragging of his massive sword. Be careful when turning corners, he usually spawns in a pair. He's pretty huge and has a red glow so he's pretty easy to see. He was updated recently which makes him a look and run blind charger boss. However, He can come up to a player and insta-kill from behind, despite being so large and bright.

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