Purple Imp is a boss on slender fortress

Purple Imp
Intro Clanking and banging ambience and a scare chord
Type Mob Chaser
Signs of nearing Hissing and Groaning
Origin Doom 3
Map(s) Sector Six
Theme song Doom 3 - Vagary Fight
Partners Imp, Green Imp & Dark Imp
Stunnable? No

Deacription Edit

Imps are probally the most common demon you will face through out the doom series and doom 3 is no exception. Imps are encountered on the 2nd level they have different ways of appearing like summoning themself on a pentagon, dropping down from the ceiling and jumping out of the dark, they can fight with 3 separate attacks, from clawing the enemy, throwing small fireballs and leaping at the player. The Imp has a grey gloomy colur for their skin, many black eyes on their head which ranges from 3 - 5 eyes, they are humanoid in form and their legs and arms resembles a predator of some kind. They look nothing like the original doom imps.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Purple Imp is in the Doom 3 pack. This boss comes in 4 different variants some are slightly faster than others. The Purple Imp has a blue glow and is slightly faster than the others and deals small amounts of damage. none of them use their fireball or leap attack. It isn't stunnable.

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