Prisoner Head
Prisoner Head
Intro None
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Low groaning sounds
Origin Silent Hill: Downpour
Map(s) Any
Theme song A modified version of the Slasher theme from Grand Theft Auto Online
Partners A Prisoner head duplicate
Stunnable? Yes (By flashlight)

The Prisoner Head is a disembodied version of the Prisoner Minion appearing on Slender Fortress.


Prisoner Head is a disembodied head of a Prisoner Minion. No Prisoner Heads were in Silent Hill: Downpour, Prisoner Heads can only be found on Slender Fortress as of yet, Glubbable had removed Prisoner's body to make them look scarier and called them Prisoner Head.

In Slender FortressEdit

Prisoner Head is a chaser boss in boss pack 5 that insta-kills all classes on touch, and can be hard to lose. he is the 1st boss added in 2016 along with the Giant Zombie Soldier (GZS). He goes quite fast, but can be stunned by the flashlight. His noises are quiet, so he can be hard to spot at times. But , he may make loud clanging noises at times.


  • The Prisoner Head by itself does not exist anywhere outside Slender Fortress. However, the head is imported from the model used for the Prisoner Minion Brawler variant in Silent Hill: Downpour.
  • Prisoner Head's chase theme is a modified version of the Slasher theme from Grand Theft Auto Online, the intro of the song to be specfic.