The Parish
Environment Desolated bridge
Boss(es) Tank & A random boss every 3 rounds

Tank and Witch (older versions)

Goals Flip the switch to lower down the bridge and answer the radio

Get to the chopper

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Parish is a map in Slender Fortress.


Parish is a perfect recreation of The Bridge, the finale of the Left 4 Dead 2 campaign The Parish. However, while original Bridge is bright and sunny, the Slender Fortress variant is in the dead of night and raining heavily. Spawning in a bunker, the RED team must open the saferoom door out to a bridge where a military agent tells them via the radio to make it to the end of the long bridge after lowering it to escape. This is done by meleeing the control box. They are given 7 minutes to get to the end and escape, all while being hunted down by Tanks and Witches masked in the darkness.

Recently the map has been removed due to negative feedback of bosses spawning and killing every player in the starting area before the match actually starts. It is unknown if Parish will be brought back into Slender Fortress.

BLU TeamEdit

The BLU team spawns in a wooden, mansion like room with a long hallway that leads to the PVP arena. The PVP arena is simply a room with similar structure to that of the spawn room's, but with three wooden plateaus, each higher than the last, with dining tables and health/ammo packs scattered about.

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