Intro A low tune
Type Walking Charger
Signs of nearing Creepy sounds from Paranoia
Origin Slender Fortress
Map(s) Any

Classic No Exit

Theme song None
Partners Paranoia duplicate
Stunnable? No

Paranoia is a boss in Slender Fortress. He is one of the hardest bosses to beat in Slender Fortress, not even Glubbable beating this beast.

Description Edit

A very eerie silence until the boss notices the player; after this, the player is given three warnings.

This boss is extremely dangerous, yet VERY simplistic. It spawns in a room and idles there as long as a player is nearby. As soon as it can "draw" a line to the player, he will start giving out a very obvious and demonic telltale grunt. Hear it once? Back up. Hear it twice? Bolt to cover. Hear it three times? Run for dear life.

Avoid this boss at all costs, and be wary of teammates that are unaware or unfortunate enough to not get out of the way. Once Paranoia is going, it doesn't stop short of anything.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Paranoia is a boss in Boss Pack 1, it's idle sounds are a heavily edited amusement park ambiance. The only unoriginal sound is it's jumpscare scream, which comes from a game called Vapour. Paranoia emits a screech once it starts chasing and keeps emitting it until it catches who triggered it and may chase other people if in view.

Try not to get detected. Once Paranoia sees you for 3 seconds then you are done for. It is okay to look at Paranoia; he has to see YOU. Paranoia is hesitant to chase at first but once it has you in an unbroken line of sight for 3 seconds, it is impossible to outrun it. It is also faster than regular chasers. On kill it blasts your screen with disturbing images and loud sounds.

There is a special timer for Paranoia. If it spots you and you don't move out of his line of sight after 3 seconds he chases you down and you die. Pretty simple, but paranoia is able to chase after a player if it sees them for only one second after he spots someone the first time. This is due to the fact that if Paranoia sees someone, it's timer starts and it will be in a startled state for 3 seconds and will return to a state of calm after 3 seconds has passed. However, as long as it is still making demonic grunting noises and it spots another player, it will attack any visible players after only 1 second of direct sight.

It's danger level is to be considered extreme due to outrunning all classes, instant kills, can not be stunned BUT cannot move when idle as it is the only weakness for chargers in that category. Glubbable updated Paranoia to make them walk. In a recent Update Paranoia marks the player for death on scare for 4 seconds. Paranoia can now only move on extreme, suicidal or nightmare difficulty.

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  • To get some humor before death, looking at him while he is chasing you, (Or you are watching in Ghost mode) you will see he puts his arms in front of him.