Mobile Task Force
Intro Mobile Task Force Unit Nine-Tailed Fox has entered the facility. All remaining survivors are advised to stay in the evacuation shelter, or any other safe area until we've secured the facility. We'll start escorting personnel out when the escaped SCPs have been re-contained.
Type Ranged Mob Chaser
Signs of nearing Radio chatter
Origin SCP - Containment Breach
Map(s) Containment Breach

Facility (Removed)

Theme song Tomandandy - Los Angeles - Resident Evil Afterlife 3D
Partners Mobile task force duplicates & SCP-173
Stunnable? Yes

The Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") are a group of bosses faced in Slender Fortress.


The Mobile Task Force are the private military of the SCP Foundation, an Area 51-like organization that contains and researches paranormal entities called SCPs. When a crisis is at hand, the MTFs are regularly called in to handle it. Their function and role in Slender Fortress is identical to their role in SCP - Containment Breach, where they relentlessly hunt down the player and shoot on sight.

In Slender FortressEdit

The Mobile Task Force (MTF) are a boss in the SCP pack. They attack by firing their assault rifles, which only cause 22 damage per shot. While they may sound weak, they usually attack in groups of two to three, making them extremely dangerous and can quickly overwhelm groups. They are slow but still fast. Due to their numbers, spawn very often, and have dead-on aim, making it impossible to evade their fire without ducking behind cover. However, they are easy to hide from and shake off, and can be temporarily stunned by meleeing them.

The best class to face against is the Medic, who can lure the MTF away from the REDs and regain lost health, or the Heavy, who can tank the damage. The Sniper with the Cozy Camper is a good option. If the MTF are nearing, get to cover until they despawn. If spotted, run up and stun them, then escape.

Quotes Edit

Idle: Edit

  • "A Class-D detected."

Alert: Edit

  • "You, stop!"
  • "Stop right there!"
  • "Class-D spotted!"

Chase: Edit

  • "Come out you bastard!"
  • "Searching for Class-D."
  • "Come on out, you're gonna die anyway."

Killing the player: Edit

  • "Target terminated."
  • "I'm glad that's over with."
  • "Class-D has been terminated."

Losing the player: Edit

  • "Target lost, reverting back to the original objective."
  • "Class-D has escaped us, returning to previous task."

Gallery Edit


  • The MTF models, concept, and radio chatter are from SCP - Containment Breach, just slightly deepened.
  • The MTFs originally had an entire map dedicated to them, Facility, but this was taken out. It is still however, available on other non-Glub servers such as DISC FF.
  • Despite the MTFs' sole goal is to captured escaped SCPs, in their only map, Containment Breach, they completely ignore SCP-173 and SCP-049.
  • Instead of wielding their P90s from Containment Breach, they wield the Half-Life 2 pulse rifle.
  • There is a common bug is if that the player gets too close to the MTF Guard they will become "stuck" inside them and unable to move. Once stuck, the player cannot escape and is finish off quickly, though they can still wack the guard to slow their death, but it will happen regardless.
  • Stunning one of them will cause them to do a Zombie-like pose from Half Life 2. They cannot be moved however, making them a static object in your path. Which will be upsetting if you are in a tight space, leading you to a slow death. A tactic to avoid this is to stun them, then hide in another nearby area like around a corner or in another room and under a object (Like a desk), or run down the hallway and try to either juke them or get far away from them. But remember, these guys have a VERY long range and Dead-Eye accuracy with there gun, and there can always be more than one. So stay cautious.
  • If you are being chased by one of them, avoid being cornered at all costs. The bullets that they shoot have slight knockback. Similar to that of a Sentry Gun. So they can push you back, almost making them immune to stun unless they are close enough. But it is likely that you will get stuck in them.