Intro Laughing
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Groaning
Origin World of Warcraft
Map(s) Any
Theme song War
Partners A Moarg duplicate
Stunnable? Yes

The Moarg is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The moarg are a brutish and exceedingly brilliant[2] demonic species within the ranks of the Burning Legion.

Even with muscular, tall and broad build, many mo'arg have improved their own bodies with bionic parts. A sickly green substance runs trough their veins, bleeding from their sharp-toothed mouths and from incisions in the torso and around neck; metal stiches barely mantain united the cut skin. They are hairless and their feet display two front claws and a rear single claw. When not replaced with a bionic part, mo'arg eyes are white and seemingly without pupil.

The gan'arg sub-race bears little resemblance to the mo'arg mother race, being stunted and weak to the point that they seem far more similar to kobolds than they do the gargantuan demons of the Burning Legion. However, they are often just as intelligent and cunning as their mo'arg masters and should not be underestimated.

Many mo'arg serve the Legion as tinkerers, scientists, blacksmiths, and engineers.[3] Their black iron constructs have sown death across a thousand worlds.[2] Perhaps even more serve the Legion armies as felguards. Fel Lords are speculated by some scholars of the Legion to be an evolved version of the felguard.[4]

Some mo'arg seem to serve their own agenda, and are not hostile to players.[5]

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Moarg is a worker in boss pack 15, Moarg is a half easy and half annoying boss, the easy part that he is stunnable, 1 HIT [expect for Scout and spy] he stuns for a good 3 seconds giving you a very good chance to outrun his sight, like you stun him 2 times, then turn abit of corners then you are done! outrunned! the annoying part that he spawns at almost any place you think, like you are going to this way, but whoops theres a moarg over there, and he has 2 copy of himself, making a very good chances to get sandwiched by 2 of morags, players may have a lucky chance to avoid and dodge moarg's sawblade attack, because of how long is it, it is not recommended to avoid, but stun, if you failed to stun, you are greeted to a sawblade chop death, instantly kills any class.


  • Moarg was removed from the server he was one of the most underrated boss besides Felfires, Since these two WoW bosses were removed, Rumors thought that Flesh Horror is the next removal WoW boss.

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