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Marcus is a boss in slender fortress.

Intro Multiple intros of dialog
Type Ranged Chaser
Signs of nearing Dialog and talking
Origin Underhell
Map(s) Any
Theme song Marcus Theme
Partners Marcus Duplicates
Stunnable? No

Description Edit

Marcus is a character in Underhell. He was a member of the 'triad', Ito'sthree lieutenants who assist him in leading his PMC organization in the field. Ito and his men are employed by an unnamed corporation headed by the father of Raito, but are apparently only put to use as a last resort method.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Marcus is in Boss Pack 16, He has a purple Glow. He also uses a shotgun that seems to use the quake III shotgun noise, he is like Book Simon before his Overhaul Update change.