This page is a list of all the maps that have appeared in slender fortress or will be appearing soon. This also lists which games there from or if they have any similarities with other game levels.

Maps Edit

# (2 Maps) Edit

2Fort (Team Fortress 2) (Game)

4Way (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

A (5 Maps) Edit

Abandoned (Outlast) (Game)

Alpha Complex (Killing Floor) (Game)

Arizona (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

Asylum Redux (Cry of Fear) (Game/Mod)

Atomics (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

B (2 Maps) Edit

Biotics Lab (Killing Floor) (Game)

Blood Wood (Original) (Friday The 13th) (Film)

C (8 Maps) Edit

Cellars (Amnesia: The Dark Descent) (Game)

Citadel (DOOM) (Game)

Classic 8 Pages (Slender: The Eight Pages) (Game)

Classic Frost Run (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

Classic No Exit (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

Claustrophobia (Slenderman's Shadow) (Game) (Series)

Clinic (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

Containment Breach (SCP: Containment Breach) (Game)

Cry of Fear (Saxon Avenue) (Cry of Fear) (Game/Mod)

D (2 Maps) Edit

Decay (Outlast) (Game)

Dustbowl (Team Fortress 2) (Game)

E (1 Map) Edit

Elementary (Slenderman's Shadow) (Game) (Series)

F (4 Maps) Edit

Facility (Killing Floor) (Game)

Five Rounds at Freddy's (Five Nights at Freddy's) (Game)

Forgotten Tomb (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

Frost Run (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

G (1 Map) Edit

Gutters (Cry of Fear) (Game/Mod)

H (3 Maps) Edit

Hellfire (Doom 3) (Game)

Hospice (Slenderman's Shadow) (Game) (Series)

Hydro (Team Fortress 2) (Game)

I (0 Maps) Edit

J (0 Maps) Edit

K (0 Maps) Edit

L (2 Maps) Edit

Lobbys (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

Lockers (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

M (4 Maps) Edit

Manor (Amnesia: The Dark Descent) (Game)

Mansion (Slenderman's Shadow) (Game) (Series)

Monophobia (Silent Hill) (Game)

Monophobia (Reborn) (Silent Hill) (Game)

N (1 Boss) Edit

No Exit (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

O (0 Maps) Edit

P (1 Map) Edit

Parish (Left 4 Dead 2) (Game)

Q (0 Maps) Edit

R (1 Map) Edit

Return to Freddy's (Five Nights at Freddy's 2) (Game)

S (6 Maps) Edit

Sanatorium (Slenderman's Shadow) (Game) (Series)

SCP-087-B (SCP-087-B/SCP: Contaimnet Breach) (Game)

Sector Six (Doom 3) (Game)

Silent Hill (Silent Hill) (Game)

Storage Zero (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

Swamp (Left 4 Dead 2) (Game)

Swarm (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

T (3 Maps) Edit

The Abyss (Slender: The Arrival) (Game)

The Ward (Outlast) (Game)

Tower of Babel (DOOM) (Game)

U (1 Map) Edit

Underground (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

V (0 Maps) Edit

W (2 Maps) Edit

Weepers (Original) (Slender Fortress) (Plugin)

Wolfenstein 3D Ep3 Lvl 7 (Wolfenstien 3D) (Game)

X (0 Maps) Edit

Y (0 Maps) Edit

Z (0 Maps) Edit

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