Male Faster is a boss on slender fortress

Male Faster
Intro Screaming
Type Charger
Signs of nearing Metal stomping, yelling and screaming
Origin Cry of Fear
Map(s) Any

Cry of Fear

Theme song Male Faster Theme
Partners Male Faster duplicates

Female Faster

Stunnable? Killable

Description Edit

The Faster is a monster in Cry of Fear. Simon encounters this enemy first in the apartment building. It emits piercing screams and attacks by slashing and stabbing Simon with her its 2 blade-like appendages she has for arms. Since she has the same metallic appendages as her legs, she makes a distinctive sound while walking. When killed, the monster stabs its neck with its blades, falling to the ground while making a painful, sad-like wail. A rare male version of the Faster can be found this version is only seen in co op and doctor mode it was originally planed for the singleplayer campaign.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Faster is in boss pack 17, They are Spiked Limbed bosses that are quite fast and presistantly dangerous. You can hear the sound of clanking metal when they are near by due to their spiky metal limbs. It takes 3 hits to kill a scout and can be stunned if it becomes a nuicence. As of the Overhaul Update Part 2 he has now become a Charger along with the Female varient. As of a recent update his stun has been changed to 6 seconds which is officially the longest stun in slender fortress. On top of that he also dissapear after being stunned.