Lying Figure is a boss in slender fortress and was introduced in the Silent update

Lying Figure
Intro None
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Chipping & Gasping sounds
Origin Silent Hill 2
Map(s) Silent Hill
Theme song Silent Hill Static
Partners Bubble Head Nurse, Crawling Lying Figure & Mannequin
Stunnable? Yes

Description Edit

Lying figures are the first enemy encounter in Silent Hill 2. They happen to wrapped up in a straitjacket made entirely out of flesh, the only thing visible is the feminine lower body. They tend to scurry when they move aswell as having heels also made of flesh tied down to their feet and a zipper on their face. They also make a wailing sound reminiscent of metal scraping on cement. They attack by spewing acid at the protagonist which in turn knocks them over meaning they need to get before they can attack again

In Slender Fortress Edit

Lying Figure is in the Sillent Hill Pack. She seems to be a chaser and her presistance is big and her speed is slower than the average when she attacks she gives off a bleeding effect. She can kill a scout in 3 hits. She is also stunnable.