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Locust Berserker is a boss in slender fortress and was introduced in the Halloween update

Locust Berserker
Intro A thump and then a scream
Type Charger
Signs of nearing Hisses and growls
Origin Gears of War
Map(s) Any
Theme song Locust Berserker Theme
Partners Locust Berserker duplicates
Stunnable? Yes

Description Edit

Berserkers are female Locusts and are enemies from the Gears of War franchise, they are grey blue rock like color with a lizard like face and she seems to be wearing some kind of clothes or armor, they are also blind.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Locust Berserker is in boss pack 13, Locust is a chaser who has a very long wait before chasing the player, she is stunnable. As of the Overhaul Update Part 2 it is now officially a Charger, this is because its speed was buffed a lot.