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Environment Office
Boss(es) Ghost
Goals Find all 10 bars of Australium
Ambience Generic Slender ambience from Slender: The Eight Pages
Escape Music )

Lobbys was a map in slender fortress

Description Edit

Lobbys is a map for the slender fortress gamemode, consisting of repeating rooms. Glubbable herself has said she mildly regrets making this map as noted in the comments of a video on her youtube channel concerning it.

Layout Edit

the area consists of a lobby with 2 ramps leading upwards, one on each end. the players then can proceed to an open room containing a small fountain. upon entering one of the pathways from there, the player will find themselves in an alternate version of the area, including (but not limited to) a flooded, bloody, reversed, dev textured and other variations, making the area often confusing, sometimes enraging.

BLU Team Edit

BLU spawns in a clean, lit blue painted version of the lobby, which replaces the open room as a pvp arena.