Liberty Prime is a boss on slender fortress and will be introduced in the Filler update

Liberty Prime
Intro Multiple robotic anti-Comunisim speech
Type Giant chaser
Signs of nearing Robotic political dialog about communism and democracy
Origin Fallout 3
Map(s) Any
Theme song Borderlands 2- Hero's Pass Combat
Partners A Liberty Prime Duplicate
Stunnable? No

Description Edit

Liberty Prime is a giant robot built by the United States Army to help with winning wars, it's height is an enormous 12.19 metres, it has a powerful and devastating eye laser and a set of tatical and nuclear bombs, this is a real fighting machine and a force to be wreckoned with. The Liberty Prime has metal plating all over its body, something like a rusted battery on its back, a giant helmet with a visor, a bunch of power cores on his back and has extremly big and long legs and arms.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Liberty Prime is in Boss Pack 8. Liberty Prime in this gamemode a slightly slower than average giant chaser who is very presistant. Most of it's attacks from Fallout like it's rockets, eye lasers and explosions are not present in this it simply stomps in you, it can be avoided if you dodge at the right time. It isn't stunnable.