Intro None
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Insane whispers, gasps, mild static
Origin Slender: The Arrival
Map(s) Claustrophobia, Elementary, Forgotten Tomb, Sanatorium, Hospice, The Abyss and Clinic
Theme song None
Partners Slender Man

Slendyclaws (as "Slendyclaws' Little Helper")

Stunnable? Yes (When stun by a flashlight)

Kate is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Kate was the protagonist of the famous horror game Slender where she was cast into a dark forest with pages scattered about that she must find while being hunted down by the Slender Man. Whether the player collects all eight pages or not, the Slender Man captures her and renders her missing. Kate's friend, Lauren, investigates this disappearance in Slender: The Arrival where she too is hunted by the Slender Man, who chases her into an abandoned mine-shaft where she finds Kate. Kate, however, is seen to have transformed into one of the Slender Man's mindless and violent followers called proxies, where she tries to murder her former friend.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Kate is always with the Slender Man (as will his duplicate) once spawned, as she is his servant. She is a standard chaser with average speed, but is very persistent and causes one-hit-kills upon touch. Upon the kill, she'll play her gif from Slender: The Arrival where she pounces on the player and rips them apart. Looking at Kate when she is chasing you slightly slows her down. Unlike her actual counterpart, Kate causes static to alert the player of her presence. However the static is only heard, not seen, and isn't as brutal as Slender Man's. If Kate is near, it is likely the Slender Man is as well. Kate can be stunned by a flashlight. Kate is also sided with the Slender Man's Christmas counterpart; Slendyclaws. On some occasions, Slendyclaws's Kate variant is dressed as an elf with Candy cane stockings. Cute.

All of the Slender Man/Kate maps have a special boss appear in their place every three rounds.

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